How Google perform Searches? Technically explained

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Have you ever tried to know where Google brought search information from? Did you copy and paste from somewhere or did he answer it himself? Does Google answer our questions on its own, or copy them from somewhere? Most users will not realize this, but have you ever wondered how it works?

How did we use to find answers to our curiosity before 1996?

The human brain is like an ocean. When a question comes to our mind; we are eager to get an answer, before 1996, one had to ask a question or search books for answers. And most of the time the questions remain unanswered.

Nonetheless, we don’t always need to get an answer to every question. But Google was created in 1996 and that made this task very easy, with few clicks.

How do we use to find answers to our curiosity?

Almost every day we use Google to get answers to our random curiosity, whether it’s about checking our favorite recipe or know how certain things work. We can ask Google about anything. From Google, We can get answers to every question.

Whenever we think of a question, we say let `Google it. We can ask Google anything. From Google search, we can easily find the answer to each question. But have you ever wondered where Google gets this information from?

Does it copy and paste from somewhere or did he answer it himself? Does Google answer our questions on its own, or copy them from somewhere? Most users will not realize this. In this case, we have brought you this article, and we will tell you where Google has brought the answer to each of your questions.

Google delivers information to you in three stages. Let’s know about these stages:

Crawling: The first step is crawling. Google sees what is on the web pages, to check this Google crawls the data from a website, also connects new pages to the index. The same process is called crawling. For this Google uses programmatically designed bots (programmed to work like humans) and performs the same as any human browse a website.

Let me clear that this web crawler is software. Through this, the web page is searched. To find these pages, crawlers follow their links. Data is collected from link to link. These are then taken to Google`s servers.

Similarly, new pages will be added to your Google list. The website is selected to be crawled through the Googlebot algorithm function. Google’s web browser works like searching for data on Google.

Indexing: This is the second step. A crawler appears on our websites/webpages, it checks the content on our websites/webpages. It is also called rendering. This includes not only content but also images and videos. Google in this process checks and make sure whether the pages are being crawled to its database or not, and if they are crawled successfully is indexed properly.

There is lots of attention given to the keywords and freshness of the internet site. It is likewise seen that the content material should not be copy-pasted from any other website. If the content is duplicated it is rejected. All data is stored in the Google Index. Google database is a huge set up at many locations around the world.

Serving Result: Before typing anything on Google, we have to cognizance a lot on keywords, because the proper search can only be carried out from the keyword itself.

Apart from this, there are many things on which the precise result depends. Which page is ranked on the pinnacle is likewise important. This is the manner Google solutions your questions in seconds.

Where did Google originate: In 1996, Google was launched during research. Google’s founder Larry Page, and Sergey Bin started the world-famous Google. The two of them were Ph.D. understudies at Stanford University, California. These are called Google Guides.

He frequently dealt with issues with contemplates and needed to deal with issues because of the absence of web access. Thusly, the two of them made this web index. It was made so that, given the nature of any site, the users can be given the results of their search queries.

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