How Naira coping up during the time of the biggest pandemic COVID-19…

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The global pandemic COVID-19 forced almost every industry to adopt new working methodologies to survive through it. In the midst of uncertainty, we have rapidly moved into an era of e-learning, remote working, digital experiences and altogether, a new world of business. This time is exceptional, and we are living in an extremely significant period of our set of experiences. It resembles as though we are battling World War. It has taken in excess of more than 1.6 million lives. In any case, this time, it is not the same as the past world war on numerous records.

 Our instant response to the pandemic:

Naira was not untouched from the pandemic, and it was even harder for Naira as considering a startup we were already running low on manpower and our hiring was not yet done completely and there were many positions still vacant to hire employees, and then suddenly the lock down happened, and we were clueless how we could move forward with running the company, but we were ready to take any challenges coming in our way and fortunately we had the most generous clients they understand the problem Naira is going through along with the entire globe. They helped us to set up our entire process online, and we started rolling again.

Balancing realism and optimism in a dire situation is a key to survival and success

What the Naira Infotech means is that in times of prolonged and seemingly never-ending hardship, set-backs, suffering and distress we need to maintain optimism that we will survive and pull through, and yet, at the same time, balance that with a total realism and practicality about the harsh present realities.

Naira’s wisdom word in time like these:

“You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end – which you can never afford to lose – with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.”

Right now at time of writing we are all suffering in some way as we come to terms with the aftermath of the Covid pandemic.

This means that in addition to maintaining a hope for the future and a pragmatic realism about the present we do 3 further things:

(1) Find a way of dealing with the emotional side of your pragmatic realism.

There are times when there is nothing more we can do to alleviate the situation. In these circumstances we have two powerful options: we can resist it or we can accept it.

  • The biggest key to all this is to behave and respond in ways that may be completely alien to us by allowing and cultivating a very deep acceptance of what is happening and acknowledging that we are not in control of circumstances and – counter cultural and counterintuitive as this sounds – to go with the flow.
  • The more we can surrender to the flow then the more we automatically become aligned to a far greater dimension of our consciousness than we may have ever previously experienced – this really is the key
  • It is this alignment with the flow that is the dynamic that will pull us through this difficult situation, and it is this alignment that is the source of our self-motivation through and beyond present difficult circumstances
  • Whether we realize it or not, whether we accept it or not, there is always a spiritual dynamic at work in these situations

(2) Recognize and understand that you are not your thoughts

Our thoughts can drive us crazy, especially in these difficult situations that drag on, and on…

We don’t have complete control over our instinctive emotions, they’re largely involuntary and that’s part of being human. What we do have, though, is control over how we choose to respond to those feelings.

The key to this lies in understanding that:

“What matters is not the content of your thoughts but your relationship with your thoughts.”

(3) Transform your “dead time” into “Alive time”

In “Alive Time vs Dead Time” – I asked the question:

“When you can’t work because you have no work, when you feel stuck and can see no way out of this situation, when you don’t even know if there is an end of the tunnel, what do you do with your time?”

In difficult times like these, we can choose to just doss around and feel impatient, resentful, or angry.

Or we can exercise control over our use of this time figure a way to solve a problem, reach a goal, or help someone else with these things.

Dead time can be revived and transformed and used to our and others long term benefit. We can use this time to emerge from this overall situation a better and more resourceful person.

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