Project Process Flow


When we are at the stage of research, we research the 4 sets of information. They are:
  • The business
  • Your target customers
  • The product/service
  • Your competition

  • Promoting

    We start promoting them until your primary digital identities are fully ready. We want important people to begin to come to your key digital identities. This is also known as traffic creation. Currently, we are promoting the basic digital identities via different digital marketing channels such as search engines, e-commerce portals, social media, messaging, display networks, emails & affiliate programs.


    At this point, we start creating your digital marketing targets, digital marketing policy, digital marketing campaign, and digital key identities. This is the exact point where you will have to showcase your capabilities in order to grab your targeted audiences' attention.


    On this level, we look at the different metrics such as website/blog/app review and align them with the objectives. We do realize that changes need to be made to compete with goals and actuals.


    We begin making adjustments (fine-tuning) at this point, based on analysis and observation. The changes can be made in your principal digital marketing or digital identities platforms. Changes to the content and design of your identities and promotional communication are also our foretay.


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