SEO and CRO Focused support for a website build and Migration

  • 36% increase in organic revenue
  • 26% increase in organic traffic

The brief:

Green-tech had commissioned a large-scale build of six websites that would be managed through one central system with another eCommerce software company. To ensure all organic traffic was maintained and the new websites were built for organic growth, the Green-tech team partnered with Naira Infotech for consultancy and SEO support.

The objective of the brief was to ensure that there was very little impact during migration and to ensure all six websites were built and optimized in line with best practices.

The Solution:

Our technical SEO and CRO specialists became part of the project from the beginning. Reviewing user journeys, how existing organic traffic was achieved, and inputting into scope and specification documentation when required.

Once at the build stage, Naira’s team worked closely with Green-tech’s developers, supporting and reviewing the structure, mark-up, and product handling.

Activities are as…

User journey recommendation Mapping of redirects from old websites to new Mark-up checks and recommendation Improving staff skillset for products optimization
Treatment of navigation across six brands Submitting new websites to search engines Technical audit on the beta website Demonstrating the core principles of SEO and search marketing
Category changes and product listings Reviewing and supporting on initial go-live stages Working closely with developers to ensure the website is easily crawled and indexed

Impressive User Experience:

As an extension of the Green-tech team, Naira provided a specialist skillset to help identify core organic growth activities and devised an SEO strategy that could be implemented by the Green-tech marketing team.

Outcomes we get:

At the point of go-live, the new websites were indexed and well-received with Green-tech’s client base. The improvements with indexing allowed for the new websites to growing organically and appearing high in search rankings. Results have had an impact on sales from new customers and increased engagement with existing customers. Naira continues to work with Green-tech on a number of other projects focusing on growth and online sales.

  • 25% Organic traffic for the main website increased
  • 25% New user traffic increased
  • 20% Increase in orders
  • 36% Increase in revenue