What is Power Listing in SEO?

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Power listing is one of the few ways of search engine optimization. However, before getting to know what power listing is we need to understand the role of SEO and what it does.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an organic process to rank your website higher in the search engine. The higher your website ranks, the more is the chance of people visiting your site.

Brand awareness is what every brand targets in the first place. SEO helps in driving traffic to your website whenever search for a product or service. This further leads to an increase in your sales and the image of your brand.

But what decides your brand discoverability?

Your page rank posting depends on how pertinent your brand/organization/company/institution is to what the user is looking for. Web engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing crawl into your website to find the relevant information searched by the user. The better is the match the higher is the website ranking.

The next question that arises is how to get your website to rank higher?

There are several ways you can make your website viewable in the list:

  1. Visibility

Ensure that your site is visible across all the platforms – Phones, tablets, laptops, or PC. Your site ought to be streamlined, responsive, and easy to understand. Site speed and burden time can likewise affect the SEO cycle. In this way, ensure your site stacks rapidly and runs easily.

  1. Security

Your site needs to be secure and safe to open by the users. It should not contain any malware or virus. HTTPS is generally the most secured website.

  1. Pictures

Pictures which contain the appropriate name and have “alt text” in them are more likely to get crawled by web search tools. For example, ‘a black suitcase’ is a more acceptable manner than ‘image_01.’

  1. Title

Titles contain the most summarized term of what your website delivers. Ensuring that the meta-titles are suitably provided with correct titles has more chances of getting crawled. For instance, ‘Living in New York’ is much likely to be crawled than ‘article05.’ Secondly, the URL of your website needs to have a title too. A URL, for example, ‘blog/article05’ is not likely to get ranked higher while ‘blog/living-in-New-York’ is much more appropriate.

  1. Links

Your website needs to have internal as well as external links. Internal being links that open a site within your website and vice versa. This helps people to identify whether the site has valuable information or not. One should include only trusted websites (if external) or else it decreases your website’s reputation.

  1. Content

People generally like contents which are of high quality and not quantity. Having catchy phrases and words attracts people to your site. Further, the content needs to help your viewers with what they were searching for. Quality is shared amongst people with the help of social media.

As we have understood the main crux of what and how an SEO functions. Let us now move on to understand how a local listing within SEO works.

Local/Power Listing is sort of an online presence that has your Name, Address and Phone number (NAP), and few related details. Websites such as Google Business Listing, Bing Places for Business, Yelp, Foursquare, Yellow Pages, and Justdial are some of the major business listing sites. These sites help local-ites to list their websites here and further generate traffic when customers search for those specific keywords.

Local presence gives your website a base to get known from your local area to generally. People usually want things to be present near them and thus local visibility cuts down the long chase.

Few Benefits of Power Listing:

  • Organic Advertising

As said earlier, once the user types in the specific keywords in the search engine, it automatically traces down your website which is near them. They can also choose to search for the same in the business listing apps mentioned above.

  • Increase Awareness

Local Business Listing helps you build a brand image. Once people search for something, your presence will be targeted by crawlers to show the result to the user, Your website’s reviews, pictures, facilities, service, and product are going to create a specific image of your brand.

  • Expansion in Local Visibility with Detail Information

As individuals can see your office address, map area, business timing, and telephone number on the web; it helps them to reach out to you easily. They can either order it online or drive to your store since you are present within their locality.

  • Reviews

Feedbacks from customers leave a hallmark of your service or product. Ensuring to have as many good reviews should be your prime target. However, few not-so-good reviews let the consumer know that the reviews have not been manipulated.

To conclude, data research shows that 75% of individuals look up to the area of a business before visiting it. Moreover, people look for ‘CALL’ or ‘DIRECTIONS’ features marking their neighborhood. SEO is not a day’s task. It takes months and years to get your website to rank above others. However, having a local presence with excellent features on the website can build the image of your brand and rank your status above others. This helps in generating leads as well as ensuring that you are earning a profit.


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